Inver Grove Heights Preschool Care 

Inver Grove Heights Preschool Care is a childcare program offered by the School-Age Care program and TriDistrict Community Education, for children enrolled in Inver Grove Heights Community Schools. During the school year four year olds will have the option of attending preschool care before or after their preschool class, see the options here.

For information on Community Preschool click here. 

What to Know about Spartan Kids' Care:

- We provide an atmosphere conducive to learning, friendships and fun!
- We have experienced and compassionate staff.
- All are valued and respected.
- There are clear ground rules for safety.
- It is conveniently located at your child’s preschool site.
- Enrichment activities include art, music, science, computers, physical
  activity, group time, cooking and creative play.
- Great for working families.
- Breakfast can be purchased through the district’s food service or families can bring
  a lunch from home.
- A snack will be provided by the program.
- Childcare tuition is in addition to preschool fees. 

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