TriDistrict Community Education provides inspiring and motivating high quality opportunities for lifelong learning, leadership development and citizen engagement while advancing equity and eliminating disparities for all in the community.

TriDistrict Community Education provides high quality, respectful, equitable, learning experiences for every person in the community.

Core Values:

  • We build and support capacity for culturally responsive outreach and instruction where the wisdom and experience of all participants are valued.
  • We create a collaborative, safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment that encourages creativity and promotes physical, emotional, cognitive and social development.  
  • We provide diverse opportunities for discovery, growth and possibility that enhance individual uniqueness and foster self-confident, compassionate leaders who are committed to serve and support the community.
  • We are committed to equitable practices of social justice without respect to class, race, ability, faith, age, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • We customize our approach by District or community when partnering with K-12 and community organizations to achieve measurable outcomes.


  • Support each District’s Equity Initiatives as part of developing and creating a racial justice and leadership framework within Community Education
  • Advance racial equity, address structural racism, and promote the healing of racial and ethnic divisions in our schools and communities 
  • Serve customers that are reflective of each District’s demographics
  • Advocate on behalf of our students to promote the values and mission of Community Education, breaking through barriers and stereotypes while promoting understanding and building relationships.
  • Support and advance the academic, social and emotional goals of K-12
  • Prepare our youngest learners for kindergarten and prepare them to read well by third grade
  • Provide both youth and adults with opportunities to build skills for college and career advancement 
  • Support the acquisition and mastery of content matter in math, science, English and social studies; and the acquisition of soft skills, (conflict resolution, working in teams, communication, adaptability, computer and technical literacy, interpersonal and problem solving skills etc.) 
  • Provide classes that offer practical application and time to practice using academic and soft skills for both youth and adults
  • Provide culturally relevant programing to engage our adults and older adults in the life of the community and in the work of the District