Boomers Advisory Council

Our mission is to engage Boomers as they create happy, healthy, fulfilling lives that build vibrant communities.

Our purpose is to offer, entertaining and engaging activities for Boomers (more or less) who work hard, play hard and love to learn.
 Meet our Boomer's More or Less Advisory Council Members!

Council Member Denise Sterry​
Question: Debbie, if you had to sing a song at karaoke night, what would you sing?
Answer: The shortest one possible!


Council Member Bill Anderson
Question: Bill, if given the choice of anyone you could have as a dinner guest, who would you choose?  
Answer: Bob Hope


Council Member Carol Beaves
Question: What makes the work you do on this council meaningful and fun?
Answer: Planning and meeting new people and the positive feedback we get from people after the classes.

Council Member Shannon Bailey
Question: What is one weird or unique thing about yourself?
Answer: I taught in a jail

Council Member Norma Lee
Question: What is the best Community Education Class you ever took?
Answer: Boomer More of Less Class titled Democracy is not a Spectator Sport


Council Member Debbie Heeren
Question: What characteristics come to mind when you think of boomers?
Answer: Full of energy

Council Member Jan Bromenschenkel
Question:  If you had to sing a song at karaoke night, what would you sing?
Answer: Climb Every Mountain, with a full band behind me!


Council Member Jodi Belknap
Question: What's your favorite zoo animal?
Answer: None, I want to set them all free!

Council Member Linda Niederkorn
Question:​ Would you rather ride a bike, ride a horse or drive a car?
Answer: For sure drive a car,!

Advisory Council Roles and Responsibilities
The roles of the Advisory Council are to promote the goals and objectives of the targeted programming as well as advise the coordinators in the planning, development and evaluation of the programming.

The responsibilities of the Advisory Council are to meet regularly, communicate with coordinators and participate in programming.
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