Community Events

Community Education Adult and Older Adult programs have partnered with Dakota County Libraries to offer interesting, thought provoking, fun events thoughout the year. We hope you enjoy partaking in these free events! Invite your friends, neighbors and family to join you.

Community Book Read
Awaken Your Age Potential, by Lori Campbell

Community Education and the Dakota Library debuted the community book read, "Awaken Your Age Potential" by Lori Campbell. We met on January 21st and had an in-depth discussion about the book. Then on February 1st, Lori Campbell joined us and presented on her findings about aging and people's potential to be Thrivers. Check out the video below to get a peek into some of the details Lori presented.

Listen to Dr. Dean Ornish as he shares the empowering study findings and what that means for you, your health and aging experience.