Frequently Asked Questions

Where exactly will this be in the middle school? Is it a specific room? 
We will be located in the 7th grade wing on the first floor.

I read that I will need to provide a lunch, but I see that the school will be doing free lunch for kids 18 and younger, why can’t my daughter eat lunch at the school? 
This year there will be free lunch so your son/daughter will have a choice to have the school lunch or bring his/her own lunch. This free lunch is only provided June 18- Mid July. We will provide supervision during the lunch time. On Field Trip days, however, he/she will need to bring her own sack lunch, or money to purchase lunch if indicated. 

I am exploring options for my son who will be finishing 5th grade this year.  Can you please tell me the hours of the youth center and the cost?  I can't seem to find that info on the website.  Also with the cost, do they pay only when there?  Per week?  How does that all work?  Thank you!
The Youth Center is open from 8 am-3:30 pm, Monday-Thursday from Monday, June 18 - Thursday August 2nd. (Closed July 2-5) The cost is $250 for the summer and includes weekly field trips. Students can bring their own lunch or eat a free lunch at IGH Middle School (only available through mid-July). At the Youth Center students are free to come anytime and leave anytime. However, once they have signed out they cannot come back unless prior permission is given from a parent due to other commitments, such as a basketball camp, or other enrichment. There are planned activities, but also an open free time provided for the students in the gym, computer lab, outdoor walks, etc.

I am looking into signing my 2 children up for the Summer Youth Program and am hoping that you can give me additional information about what the kids can do at the Youth Program on non-field trip days?  Is it structured, loose…. Sports, crafts etc?
The IGH Youth Center provides a variety of different activities.

There is a pool table, ping pong table, Wii, games, arts & craft projects, cards and a snack shack. There are also planned walking trips to The Grove, nearby parks and Simley Pond for fishing. This year we have also formed a partnership with Inver Glen library. Students may sign-up to walk (with staff) to the library to participate in some fun STEM classes they are planning. Some activities will require students to sign-up for at the Center; not all kids will have to go if staffing ratios can accommodate different activities off-site.

Field trips sign-ups are posted at the center and will be available online. We ask that students sign-up in advance for each trip so groups can be arranged prior to departure. Field trips are part of the registration fee; some students bring their own spending money. Staff is not responsible for security of personal belongings.

Students are encouraged to leave electronics at home.