Welcome to Friendly Hills Ski and Snowboard Club Page! 

General Information: 
Equipment can be dropped off starting at 7:30am the day of the trip. The door is open in the am for kids to put their equipment in a room behind the stage, it is locked during the day.

Kids MUST ride the bus both ways to and from Afton, even if a parent is chaperoning, the advisor needs the same kids going out to Afton as leaving. This is for the safety of the kids. Kids can't be dropped off later or leave early, this is too much for the advisors to keep track of and how kids are left behind. Thank you for following this safety procedure.

Students should meet Mrs. Lynch by the main bus doors by 3:30pm for attendance and to start getting ready for the trip.  School backpacks should be left on the stage while at Afton. Students will not be able to go to their lockers when they return.

The bus will leave for Afton around 3:50-4pm and should arrive to Afton around 4:30-45pmUpon arrival students will get their rental equipment if needed. Mrs. Lynch will pass out lift tickets.
At Afton Alps:
Please store all bags, etc. under the tables so other guests can use the tables while we are not in the chalet. Be kind and respectful to all employees at Afton and to other people you see/meet at Afton, you are representing your school and family.

Ski/snowboard in control and safely.  You must be in control at all times.  Know the code—the people in front of you have the right of way. Helmets are required by Afton.

Ski with a buddy—always have someone with you from the group. Have a meeting place with your friends if you get split up—example, upstairs in the Chalet on the hour.

Cell service is sketchy on the hills and in the chalet. The main office at Afton is 651-436-5245, they can make an announcement on the loud speaker if needed. Mrs. Lynch will check in with the main office/first aid throughout the evening and check messages as able before leaving Afton.

If you child has an emergency have them go the Chalet and have Mrs. Lynch and FHMS chaperones paged over the loud speaker.

Departure Notes:
Students who rent equipment are asked to return to the main chalet by 8:30pm to return equipment, everyone else by 8:45pm.

We leave Afton Alps at 9:00 pm and parents should be at FH to pick up by 9:30pm. Mrs. Lynch will email all families if buses are running more than 15 minutes late from Afton.

Please be in the parking lot by the front doors at FH.  Students will be let into the building to get their backpacks, the bus will be parked by the gym door.  Please wait patiently and/or you are welcome to help unload the bus of all equipment. We typically lay all skis/snowboards on ground by the bus and kids can find their stuff.  

Be sure to take time to make sure your child has all of their gear before you leave.
Thank you for being part of the FH Ski/Snowboard team!! If you have any questions please call us at 651-403-8313.