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TriDistrict Community Education Locations

Inver Grove Heights Community Schools Locations

IGH Early Learning Center
3203 68th St. E. (map)

Hilltop Elementary School
3201 68th St. E. (map)

Pine Bend Elementary School
9875 Inver Grove Trail (map)

Salem Hills Elementary School
5899 Babcock Trail E. (map)IGH Middle School
8167 Cahill Ave. (map)

Simley High School
2920 80th St. E. (map)

Veterans Memorial Community Center
8055 Barbara Ave. E. (map)

District Office
Community Education Office
2990 80th St. E. (map)


South St. Paul Schools Locations

Community Education/Adult Basic Education Office
100 7th Ave N (map)

Central Square Community Center
SSP Senior Center
100 Seventh Ave. N. (map)

Family Education Center
104 Fifth Ave. S. (map)

High School
700 Second St. N. (map)

Kaposia Education Center
1225 First Ave. S. (map)

Lincoln Center
357 Ninth Ave. N. (map)


West St. Paul-Mendota Heights-Eagan Area Schools Locations

Community Education Office (District Office)
Two Rivers High School
1897 Delaware Ave., Mendota Heights

Friendly Hills Middle School
701 Mendota Heights Road, Mendota Heights

Heritage Middle School & F.M. Grass Pool
121 West Butler Ave., West St. Paul

Garlough Environmental Magnet School
1740 Charlton Street, West St. Paul

Mendota Elementary School
1979 Summit Lane, Mendota Heights

Moreland Elementary School
217 W. Moreland Ave., West St. Paul

Pilot Knob Elementary School
1436 Lone Oak Road, Eagan

Somerset Elementary School
1355 Dodd Road, Mendota Heights

Thompson Park Activity Center
1200 Stassen Lane, West St. Paul

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